Tara Pillow Black 14x22


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While this pillow measures 14" x 22", we stuff it with a 16" x 24" pillow fill to ensure it looks and feels full.
Each pillow comes with a polyester fill.
The two-tassel look offers versatile styling. Mix and match pillows for a unique and inviting look.


70% Cotton, 15% Linen, 15% Lyocell
This pillow's composition is plant-based, blended with cotton, linen, and lyocell. Lyocell is another name for the well-known material Tencel and has a breathable texture less susceptible to bacteria growth and odour. Lyocell production on average needs less energy, dye, and water than the production of other fabrics, and because lyocell is a naturally-derived fibre, it's biodegradable. In the lyocell production process, there are petrochemical solvents used to turn the wood pulp base into the fibre, but this process is a closed-loop, which means that the chemicals can be recycled over and over again, which minimizes harmful waste.
Machine washable, although hanging to dry will ensure longevity.
Measures 14" x 22", Poms measure 3".
Comes with a 16" x 24" pillow fill to ensure the pillow looks and feels full.